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-This Is A Concept Album-
FM33: I miss you....
Alternate Link: soundcloud.com/userfm33/sets/fm33-presents-v
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1) manOnam
2) Cellular Death
4) Passion Point
5) Stream

1) Through and Through
2) Liquid Soul
3) Nails
4) OPL

1) Just Stick With Us
2) What
3) Binary
4) Ultima Rex
5) Lovely

1) lovebeat
2) V
3) Web Portal
4) Yoko Ono
5) Road

Thank You to the Collaborating artists for assisting me in finishing this Final Product For all of you to enjoy.

Special Thanks to you, the fans and listeners, for taking an interest.
Enjoy, and God Bless. :^)


released 15 May 2015


Producer/Engineer: Frank D.
Lyrics/Soundscape: FM33
Collaborators: Internet, Great Maybe, Fucking Vero, FRNX
Control Group: FRNX, Fred and Becky (of Go Outside), Great Maybe, Marvin, Gio, Junior, Chris, Mom and Pop, Nelson, Jacob, Tony, Sarah
Inspiration: Life experiences, the growing Vaporwave community, Internet, God, HNT9410°



all rights reserved


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FM33 California

I'm Here For You.
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Track Name: Cellular Death (ft. Internet)
(Never In My Own Mind) x4

I Will Hunger Once I Live
Run From Me In Cowardice.
Want To Please But Not Myself
I Am Never In My Head

I Wish We Could Be in Love, But, You Will Always Leave
Or, That's Just What He Sees.
I'm Not What You Are To Me. I'm All Wrapped Up In 3.
We're Stuck in Memories.
Feelings. Why Don't I just know? Oh this is such a droll.
Remember when we hoped?
Scanning. Running in my blood. You are so beautiful.
I want you to myself

Pervertedly. I will never see What's the Point of Me

When I'm-

Dimly Seen Through Cataracts. Rumors Spread Through Word of Mouth. Jump On To Escalator. Now It Seems I'm Going Madder.
Falling Off This Rotting Ladder.
Track Name: MIDI (Who The Fuck?)
The Robots dancing with The Models And they're
finding out that it was all in Red
A Bottle of Wine with A Big Ol' Sign
"What's the Difference When You're With The Modern Man?"

Do you want to leave with me? Maybe you believe in me.
Please tell me what you see? The Future from across the Sea?
Visions fading in the dream. Watch it in between the seams.
You don't know a single thing. You just have too many things.

Printer's copy through the back and forth
It's Through and Through My Only Little One
Take It Deep Inside The Back and Forth
It's Time to Care for Precious Little Ones

Do you want to live with me? Maybe you belittle me.
Please tell me what you've seen? People waiting in their seats.
Visions fading in the dream. Watch it in between the scenes.
You don't mean a single thing. You mean so much to me.

All Everything Means So Much To Me.
Track Name: Passion Point
When I'm with you, I'm not sure if I'm myself.
By myself, I'm scared to death, but then I see you there
Standing right across the hall away from me
Obstacles are in the way, but I'm on my way.

Now I stand Right There. Now You Stand Right Here.

Watch Them All Just Pass By Like machinery
It's a shame that they can't go against the path
Towards a new light and a future with our hearts
Something else is in the air, but I breathe your love.

Now I stand right there. Now you stand right here. (x2)

At Passion Point.
Track Name: Stream (SODA)
Deconstruct my life
They will never win
We will conquer each
Eons are a single bit

You can see myself
He's the one who Sees
You're as He is Me
Seeing myself and You Hide

Breathe Her all inside
He has gone away
She's the Key to Life
She's your one and only Love
Track Name: Through and Through
I will show you what I mean when I say "I love you"
Feel you turning everywhere. Do you dare me to?
Make you moan so lovingly. We will be so free.
Getting high and making love in our Sea of Dreams.

(I love you. Always) x4

Time enough for love 'cause time ain't a thing
Dreams about you becoming everything
It's alright when we're out of sight
We'll unwind to some red red wine
We'll lie down and we'll put the lights out
It'll be us, Only you and I.
Baby Girl, you're perfect in my eyes.
I can see the sky and the sea intertwine.

(I love you. Always) x4

Playing again. Seeing your skin.
Running my hands. Feel every inch.
Melting away. Moving within.
Closer to me. Come here and see.

Every little thing that you thought that you saw
Blind in the mist of our passionate love
It's supple with a hint of sweetness
It pulses through the open secrets
Questions. Burning.
Flying over all the mountains.
Sighing everytime we feel it.
Baby, you're perfect.
Hurting when we're not together
Loving every second after
Passion. Fire.
A dire need for your love.
Baby, please, let's go and make love.
Come with me, see the stars in our eyes.
Come with me, we can be in the sky
Come with me, baby you're so fine.
Track Name: Liquid Soul (ft. Great Maybe)
Lift Me Up. Hold Me Down.
Fractures Splintering and Littering the ground.

Roses Bloom In Our Ribcages. Our Hearts Beat In Our Lungs.
Traversing through the ages, until we find where we begun.

Kiss Me Hard Before You Go.

'Cause I know That You Know

There's a bad taste in my mouth, So could you take my breath away?
Sleeping's overrated, love. Let's stay awake for days and days.
Will you quell the aching in my chest and provide my mind some needed rest?

I know I'm Safe Wrapped In Your Arms.

One More Hit, And Then I'll See.

Just Enough To Make Me Free

Then I'll be Where you'll be

Kiss Me Hard Before you go
Track Name: Nails
Can you see everything that I can see?
It is always and it has always been
Watch the stories of things that are to be
It is seen in the books of ancient dreams

Listening to everything that's sung
Head hung low. Watch it jump aboard
Dive across. Let me be your Cross.

Destiny will take over our lives
Sit by me and we'll feel it all in motion
Emotions are running through my veins
Tangled up and holding every ocean

Feel you piercing and then you'll hear me roar
Found the spot where the ecstasy takes place
Underground. Dancing under every pound.
Feeling pleasure and everything below

PC Screens and the touch of our own flesh
Playing games and I'll play all day with you
Feel us crawl. I can hear the writhing love.

Destiny will take over our lives
Sit by me and we'll feel it all in motion
Emotions are running through my veins
Tangled up and holding every ocean
Track Name: OPL
Inching from your lips to your knees, between the sheets
She's so full of life and my delight inside her might
Raw Goes Skin By Skin

Hearing singing calling from your passageway of love
Follow trails of what's to come below when you say more
Dame Mi Amor

Vulgar and Obnoxious with a noxious scent of Palms
Grab me everywhere as long as you can take it there
Baby, Truth or Dare?

My Love, Let's do it now. (x5)

Take you when it's beating and I feel all fours to the floor
I can see you gasp and laugh when we smoke a Dazy Hash
Girl, Let's Make It Last.

Curves and Frequently I ask to witness your beauty
Bodies forming meaning into phonemes of Amore
La Li Lu Le Lo

This won't be so easy but you'll like it when it lasts
Sorry for the detail of the lengths of which i'll go
Take it fast or slow

My Love, Let's do it now. (x5)

My love, Let's do it.
Track Name: XYLO
Gotta take it to the One..
Bitches don't know I'm on one
Fuckin'n'faded as fuck
Call me guapo like Handsome
Bitches grab a handful of me
Baby, y'kno you wanna do it
Let's make a porno scene
C'mon over and wrap them lips
Come by my side and take a sit
That's how I roll now roll on your side
Gotta get the pipe so I stay fresh loaded
That's how the old man told it
From long into the future
Ahead of everything.
Got Head and Everythang
That's how I do my thang.
like im in Back to the Future

Im so motherfuckin' high
Might just end up flyin' in the sky
Swayin when I walk because I'm loaded
Toke it to the brain and I promote it

Xylo. Fly Low. Open up yo fly girl imma ride you.
Nice girly lookin' so twirly. My shawty wit da nice booty.
Bouncin it up and down girl gonna be bouncin dat up n down
'cause I'm so down, girl. Wanna be seein you shake and bounce
More Bounce to the ounce. Smoke you out wit an Ounce.
Smoke me out wit yo mouth. Gonna be takin' you from down south
I am so high. you can be high with me.
Let's be feelin' free. Baby girl, let's be feelin' free.
Be feelin' me while I be feelin' you.
Befitting of me that I would end up with you
It's killin' me how bad I want you so
Always shakin' dat ass and you teasin' me you know
Bitch, boo. Do you want to smoke, too?
Track Name: What (In The World)
They're Legs. You know they're going to move.
Dissect. Everything's gone, too.
Direct. My TV's all brand new.
Die Next. You Will Die Next.
The Sound. Well can't you hear it now?
My lord. Have you seen me bow?
The loudest noise is what you're hearing n ow.
I trust you brought what have i done

Time to eat. Dessert's here.
Not till morning. Breakfast boring. bv

And the time just flew by at the speed of sound
and I need the sound when I'm moving along
Moving the song and it needs to be long
Just like what should belong when the beatles were gone
And I don't know what's wrong but it needs to be heard
And I don't know what's gone, but they need to be sure
But the world is now gone and i want to be sure
Cuz the the World was so gone wen there was
What In The World

Are you scared? Don't be scared.
Are you gone? Don't be gone.
I'm so lost. We've gone lost.
I'm so wrong. We've gone wrong.

It's strange, now that L.A. is gone
The Lakes. They're spreading far across.
The Rule of Law Nowadays is Do As Thou Wilt
The school so gone and far away is full of our guilt
Our Town Is Falling to The Ground
Our Burning World is Burning To The Sound
And Everyone In The Earth Is Following The Cloud
It's Digital Everything and Binary's Proud

Time to eat. Desert Fear.
Live till morning. Love till Mourning.

Are you dead? I'll kill you.
You'll all die. Where am I?
Oh god why. It's dark at night.
I'm starving now. Chase everyone.
Out of my mind. Where is that sign?
Run for your life. What is the time?
Kill Everyone. Wait for the sun.
Track Name: Binary (NitroOX)
Fly Away To Another Plain of Spirituality Today!
Won't you come out of your shell and seize the day!
Go Forth! Head On! In Two. the Other Side
And Tell me the Other Side is Nice.
Won't you please tell me the Other Side is Nice?

Drive All Around Inside. Let's go out instead.
Let's just go to bed. Because, Baby,
I'll Make Love To You All Day.
And Then I'll Give You Flowers, Too. All Day.
We'll be with eachother, too. All Day.

Thank The Lord For Your Life.
They're Next Door. Throw The Knife.
It's All Yours. And They're Mine.
I love you. Love is I.

Nitrous Oxide Kills
but laughing really only heals
Isn't it a steal?
Our lives to live. It's such a nice deal.
It's cool. We're not sealed.
cuz We can leave whenever we feel
Wow this feels so real
There's no other way that I can feel
I feel so alive.
Everybody in the right vibe.
Everything is Live.
We're way past the internet hype
We're in Overdrive
Virtual is better than Skype
We're now caught in Lines
And I've Never Felt So Alive
Track Name: Ultima Rex
Ohm. Ultima Rex. Amen. Ultima Rex. Samsara-

Unfold the box that lies beneath your soul
Unleash the hiding that cowards uphold
Release relinquish, reveal all you hide
Unleash potential that stirs in your life.

Do you know it's alright? Do you know it's all ok?

Rob Me. Steal Me of My Pride. I don't
Mind You. I Take No Disrespect. I Will
Find you. Journey through my head. You can't
Blind Me. Throw Sand In My Eyes
With Your Lies

It's So Nice. To Be OUtside.
In The OUter Skies, Beyond my eyes.
Adonai, do you hear my cry?
Oh so beautiful and wise I proclaim your type
By the Scythe.

Go forth. Forward into Life. It's The
Time now. Time to take the time. Running
Farther. Deep into the depths. Testing
Water. Swim around the sea.
Don't you drown.

I'm So Down. Let's Go Downtown.
Let's Just have so much fun.
I'm so down. Let me drown.
I'll die for you. It's the honest truth.
If you want me to

Then, This is what I'll do.
Track Name: Lovely
Coarsing through, with the lungs in a thatch line
Didn't know that It wasn't always happy
Jump and then Slide
Glass will fill with a smoke ever dazy
Couldn't hear but it's clear with distortion
Done and Download c
Shiny bright little dances in motion
it will clear every passing commotion
Open Clear Tide
Statically when the signal is turning
They were burning on top of the broken
Dial-Up Drive

Clearing Up Skies. Dying Than Life.c
Darkness Subsides. Basking In Time
Tips On The Dime. Fear Of A Kind.
One To Say Hi. Clearing Up Skies

Didn't dare to compare every letter
There's a difference at least If it's better
Gone Into Trust
Dynasties come and go with the past time
Dinah Shore is a sure thing to watch when
Boredom Loves Crime
Didn't mind when the pirates were looting
Now polluting mistakes inside access
Bibliography Documentation
Keeping memories safe about more
Deranged Lifestylesc
Track Name: lovebeat (Prod. by FRNX)
In Japan. All of them say の.
彼女 は 私 の ものです
Breathe the Air. International.\
Y Por Que Se Dicen "No Me Entiendo Mundo"
It's Okay. Just hear the words of David
Past Beyond Over the Event Horizon
Orion or has it been Osiris
Que Sera Sera Je Pens Donce Je Suis

All my life, i've always said that its only me.
It's a curse to know I think therfore I am
That's my life. That I just think that it's only me.
I'm sure I'm just blind and maybe I can't see

The Door Open Now In Front Of My Own Eyes
Track Name: V. (Out Of My Mind)
1) Twin Peaks\\\\\
Laura Palmer's Dead
They Cut Her In The Head

Cant Look At The Sight. Everythings So Bright.
Did It In The Night. Go Towards The Light.
Dont Be Camera Shy. Look at all this Ice
Doesnt Look So Nice. Rolling All The Dice

Agent Cooper's There
Playing Truth Or Dare

Dont Play With A Ghoul. Dont be such a fool.
Thats not even cool. Licking up the drool.
Cant go back to school. Wasnt here for you.
Did it all for you. Now I'm here for two.

BOB and Mike So Long
They were never Strong

Weakness plays the key. Holding out for Sea.
Stuck Inside my dreams. Nothing as it seems.
Please just be with me. Just a Desperate plea
Love to be with me. Joking its just me

Now She's Gone Missing
Let Me Act Busy

Stuck Inside My Head. Laughing now im dead.
kIDDING im just sad. And Im really Mad
My brother was MED. my father is MAD
Im a Passing Fad. Hunting what I had.

All The Songs Are Gone
Im So Fucking Done
Lets Just Run Away
Move on from the day

Cause I love you girl. We're not for the world.
You're my only world. Cause I love you girl.
2) For What/////

A non-believer. Merely deciever.
Receiving either but i am not the one.
But We Can Make It Worth Your While.

Take it there for what? What's the point? It's for what?
You need this for what? What's your reason? What For?
What do you need this for? What is it? It's For What?
Why do you need this here? What did you say? It's
For What.

Company Policy Ethically Gone
Morals Are Bound To The World Outside You
Isn't It Perfect To Live Outside Truth
Live Like A Slob WIthout Shame Or With Tooth

Like your caesar. You're really neither
Stuck in the Ether. Huff all the Ether
A non-believer. Merely deciever.
Receiving either but i am not the one.
But We Can Make It Worth Your While.
3) V\\\\\\

Cars rolling with tires gone
The towers come crashing down
Where did it all go wrong?
Where'd the ancients come from?

Pulsations within the range
The vision is fading near
Dawning of a New Age
Bring upon a New Wave

Inside Of Us There is Light
Outside Of Us There is Dark
Lean Over The Horizon
Feel The Coming War Siren

Incredible Was The Word
When Everyone Heard The Word
Screaming right into the sun
Hearing all the hopeless gone

Destruction over the World
End Hunger When They're All Heard
Bring it onto the gun
Ring it off the necks of sons
4) Losing The War\\\\\

I'm losing the war
And that's just the score
So gimme some more
Lets go to the store

buy you diamond rings
watch some tv shows and then we'll go off the sea
entry in the heat
Feel it run along to every other thing


Dine Well drink it now
Seal it keep it far away oh its just for now
Inside Everything
Inside All of my dreams and what I can see
5) About To Explode/////

Time. Running Out.
Stop. Motion Sound.
Light. Into Lines.
Sight. Extra Bright

The World is breaking down
and The Streets are falling down from the Sky
Everything is so neat. I'm waiting here for
Track Name: Web Portal
The World. Today. Was Never Meant to stay.
The Games. The Raves. So Everything's Okay
Continue On Whatever you can say
Technology Will Never Be The Same
Oh God. It's Great. I Gotta Post and Share.
And All I Do Is Sit Down On My Chair
The Web.0 Is Telling me to stare
What's that you say? You wanna see my hair?
Get on the cam. Hey what's that over there?
Bend Over Now. Let's film this for the Web
Upload it everywhere Download your underwear.
I'm glad it's up for everyone to share.
Your privacy is mine. Everything's now Online.
Just stay here for the Ride. Enjoy this new age time

Something's Not Right. It's All Over.
This Song Sucks So Bad It's Over
Over All The Time Was Anxious
Dangerous Was Always Danish
Memes Are For The Artist Backwards
Im Just Glad I Have My Answer
Drawing off my shoes for lasers
Dangerous Was On My Paper
Track Name: Yoko Ono
Ever and ever, forever and ever you'll be the one
That shines on me like the morning sun
Ever and ever, forever and ever you'll be my spring
My rainbow's end and the song I sing
Ever and ever, forever and ever you'll be my dream
My symphony, my own lover's theme
Ever and ever, forever and ever my destiny
Will follow you for eternity
Ever and ever, forever and ever you'll be the one
That shines in me like the morning sun
Ever and ever, forever and ever my destiny
Will follow you for eternity


Ever and ever, forever and ever, the skies are blue
your eyes glow true and the angels knew
Ever and ever, forever and ever, I'll be with you
You'll be with me, We will be here in dreams.
Ever and ever, forever and ever, the stars will shine
Your love will shine within the skies of life.
Ever and ever, forever and ever will be so great
The time's so long as we stretch towards the sun
Ever and ever, forever and ever our lives grow near
We walk the pier and we kiss on for years
Ever and ever, forever and ever we'll walk through life
We'll make it right so we can hold the tears

Track Name: Road
My Dreams are splitting from me
They all would like to sing
the Sleepiness is haunting
My eyes are listening
Do You Have The Fear?
Enticing and Exciting
Will you be my dear?
Delicious and you're hiding

A punch inside my own mouth
you hate yourself so much
The lies are here to stay
So please let me end it there
I Am So Afraid
Why dont you just take over?
I'm the piece of shit
You hate it oh so damn much

So critical of ourselves
So where did we go wrong?
Vindictive and decisive
And they gave it a shot
So why are they still there?
A Match They Made In Heaven
Signals never were so clear
So let's just go to heaven

She told me "At Least Someone Cares"
But I'm not sure they care anymore
Seal off the mind and the heart
The Pain You Feel Will Go Away Someday
Hold back the tears of the day
Don't let them know your failures
It's such a cruel world today
Ever since the meteors

I walk down my own lonely road.